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Bringing your pet

Since our cottages were opened in 1992 our reputation for cleanliness, peace, and tranquillity has spread widely by word of mouth. The majority of our guests return again and again or come through recommendation.

We want everybody to enjoy their holiday with us neither do not we wish to offend anyone, therefore we ask that you complete an separate additional Booking Form your pets and adhere to the following conditions:-

Pets Booking Form and Conditions

This booking form is part of the Hiring Contract between the Hirer and the property Owner


The hirer agrees to adhere to the following conditions:

1           To wash and groom pets before the holiday.

2           To keep pets under control and accept full responsibility for them.

3           To provide water and food bowls for any pets.

4           To provide bedding for any pet to lie on during the day and sleep on during the night.

5           To provide a towel and to wipe dirty paws and coat on return from walks to prevent soiling of carpets and furniture.

6           To keep pets out of the bedroom and bathroom and not to allow them on the furniture.

7           To ensure that pets are not left alone in the cottages under any circumstances unless the Hirer has provided suitable cages to place them in.

8           To ensure that the pets are kept on leads whilst outside and not allowed to roam unattended, day or night.

9           To never allow pets to foul the public areas, pathways and gardens. To always pick up any droppings and place the waste in the wheelie bin at the entrance to the Cottages.

10       For the sake of hygiene we will tell you where you can walk your pets so as not to offend other guests.

11       All dogs bark, but please do not allow them to keep barking. Remember that there are other people on holiday as well as yourselves.

12       To notify the properly owner in the event of any pet problem.  The property owner accepts that accidents can happen and has a range of cleaning materials available to deal specifically with pet problems.

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Please print off and complete


Please print off and complete


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